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No, but it shines a spotlight on the horrors going on in that part of the galaxy.
@AgentKallus77 response to the HoloNet News: Realtime News reporter asked if Imperial TIE Fighter depot changed the Imperial approach to #StarWarsRebels.

This just in: Sabine Wren ( sabinewren77) is wanted by Galactic Empire in connection to trespassing, defacing TIE fighters and taunting Imperial #Stormtroopers.

She’s #Mandalorian and could be dangerous. We recommend to comm Imperial authorities immediately, if you see her.

Mandalorians have always been violent.

This just in: Hera Syndulla ( herasyndulla77) is wanted by Galactic Empire in connection of the transportation of illegal goods and trafficking into Lothal.

The ace-pilot may be related to the Cham Syndulla.

Do you think she could be associated with this Rebellion forces we hear of?


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We specifically discussed it and decided that since Star Wars Rebels was a kid’s show, that we would not pursue it aggressively, like we do in other RPs. But now that it’s published that Ezra has feels for Sabine and she could care less, we were VERY ACCURATE in our prediction.