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To the Imperial Press Corps: Report all sightings to the local Imperial garrison.


HoloNet News Special Report: Community Leaders Discuss Capital City Improvements


HoloNet News Special Report: Journalists Across Galaxy Join Press Corps


Wait till you see what these kids can do on #Facebook and #Twitter. It’ll put TV show and movie actors to shame!

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The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 #StarWarsRebels Cast of #RP Performance Characters by page and other accounts: There are quite a few missing. :) Yes. There are reasons for that. If you want to know more, please feel free to message Star Wars Actors Guild 77. Thank you.

With “Ashii Nermani” at the newsdesk. That latest on Lothal.

IMPERIAL BASES: The Empire’s presence on Lothal is especially strong. Military bases have been built across the planet, protecting factories and other Imperial interests from attack.

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The Empire has absolute power over Lothal. Thousands of soldiers and their awesome military machinery stand ready to strike any threat to Imperial authority.

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THE EMPIRE: Fourteen years ago, Chancellor Palpatine became Emperor from a lazy Old Republic into a strong Galactic Empire. The last bastion of a do nothing and corrupt Imperial Senate can now have the military and planetary governors make changes. The promotional expansion has progressive uses of planetary resources for the greatness of the military.

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HoloNet News Special Report: Controversial Statue Finally Destroyed

There are a quite a few of these statues that are obscene in nature and cannot be possibly be art.